We meet to play Risk in the Duke of Wellington public house, Lechlade Road, Faringdon on Wednesdays at 20:00. We normally manage to play at least two games but this varies with the number of players. Sometimes so many players turn up that we have to use two boards: we've never had to use the third one that we keep in reserve (yet!)

We maintain a league table; so that less frequent attendees are not unduly penalized, we also rank the players by the average number of points scored per game; you can see the most recent standings here

The above table allots three points for a win; another scoring method is in parallel use. This allocates more points for the winner in a game with more than four players (and fewer for one with only three). Here's that league table, using the new scoring method.

We've been playing these games since 1995, originally in the Eagle Inn, and then shortly for a time in The Volunteer; we've now been using the Duke of Wellington since June 2001. The league tables were only started in 1996; these tables are also available:

Previous Years' Results
Standard Scoring New Scoring
1996 1996
1997 1997
1998 1998
1999 1999
2000 2000
2001 2001

Other Resources

Rip Wächter compiles very comprehensive statistics about the games we've played.

There's a excellent FAQ on the game, which is maintained at Nottingham University: Risk FAQ. The newsgroup rec.games.board carries intermittent postings about the game.

Another site is to be found in Italy. It even provides a means to meet other Risk! enthusiasts in your area. The Resources Page there contains many links to other Risk! web sites and lots more besides.

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