For the benefit of certain individuals (Hi! Josh:-) I've put a copy of the latest version of Kermit for MS-DOS (3.14) on this site.
For those that haven't used Kermit before, it's probably advisable to stick to this known full release (which also includes documentation):

ZIP file including documentation for MS-Kermit v3.14.  1996/03/19.  714KB

For those that want to experiment with the very latest version, you can load both of these files; note that this is a beta release!

[bin] msk315.exe
Executable only for MS-Kermit v3.15.  1998/10/26.  245KB
ZIP file including documentation & patches.  1998/01/30.  479KB

NOTICE: I make no guarantees that these files will be kept totally up-to-date: for the definitive site, you should look in the Kermit website at Columbia University

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