Dragon Hill [Picture of Dragon Hill]

This is a picture of Dragon Hill, which lies just off The Ridgeway, one of the oldest roads in Britain. This picture (© Prof. Christopher Witcombe) was taken from near Uffington Castle on the top of The Ridgeway, beside the Uffington White Horse.

The White Horse is amongst the oldest chalk figures in Britain, and is now believed to be at least 3,500 years old (most White Horses, like those of Westbury or Cherhill, were cut in the 18th and 19th centuries). Part of the horse's body and neck can be seen in the foreground. Uffington used to lie in the County of Berkshire, but nowadays the whole of the district known as The Vale of the White Horse is in Oxfordshire.

Dragon Hill is about four miles from the company's premises and provided us with our name. It's said to be where St. George killed the dragon (which is odd, because I thought he was supposed to have been swanning around in Turkey at the time!) The bare patch visible on top of the hill is reputed to have been caused by the spilling of the dragon's blood, but perhaps the fact that it's chalk without any covering of soil might have something to do with it!